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Building a Mood Detector Software with Python and OpenCV on Azure

During this workshop, the audience would be walked through building a web-based emotion detector software, using Python and Flask along with some HTML and JavaScript running on top of Microsoft Azure.

What this software does is it selects an emotion, and the user has to try their best to show that emotion on their face. Once the user havs their best emotion face on, they take a picture with their camera (triggered with JavaScript code, from the browser) and the web game will check to see what emotion the user is showing, using the Azure Face API. If it is the same as the one the user was asked to show, the user gets an affirmation from the software. This is a fun Python programming experience.

The web-based software runs Python Flask under the the hood, which includes a Flask API that uses an Azure cognitive service package to detect the emotion of all the faces. The emotion information is sent as a set of properties on the emotion with a value for how likely it is that that particular emotion is truly shown on a scale of 0.0-1.0, 0.0 being not likely and 1.0 being very likely.

Korede Bashir

Chief Technology Officer, Bute Systems

A result-driven software engineer with expertise in community building :) // I teach Microsoft technologies - especially cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack.

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