Shifting from Projects to Feedback-Based Product Development

As software continues to dominate the business landscape, there is a growing need for better digital products built with a feedback-based approach. While many organizations think they are agile, interviewing customers and preparing design mockups for weeks, followed by a backlog for the next six months, is still waterfall development. Most people involved in product development are unaware of how having a project or a product mindset influences the digital solution. They usually blame the developers when the software becomes slow, hard to maintain and error-prone, and the developers blame product managers and designers for continuously "changing the requirements".

This talk will show that it does not need to be like this. Product development is a very creative industry with significant challenges and great rewards. Instead of seeing only problems, stress and frustration, you will hear how, even in software companies working as contractors, it is possible to enjoy the work by focusing on the really important things. We have everything we need to create better products but we need to refocus on the original goal: enabling the users to solve their job.
During the talk, we will learn how can we use known methods, techniques and practices for adopting a feedback-based approach. We will delve into how to decide what to build next and how much of it, define milestones, and determine when they are reached, to name a few examples. You will leave the session better equipped to build digital products that are more responsive to customer needs, reduce the risk of failure, promote innovation and offer fulfilment to those building them.

Krisztina Hirth

Staff Architect at PayFit

Köln, Germany


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