Crafting Bulletproof APIs: A Test-Driven Development Odyssey with Django

Join me for a clear and practical three-hour tutorial on Test-Driven Development (TDD) with Django, and learn how to build strong and flexible web applications. This tutorial is carefully made to teach attendees the essentials of TDD and how to make it a part of their everyday coding routine, no matter their experience level with Django or testing in general.

**The tutorial will be segmented into the following sections:**

I. Introduction to TDD and Django (30 minutes)
- The Concept of TDD: Brief introduction to Test-Driven Development and its importance in modern application development.
- Django Overview: A concise introduction to Django, its structure, and how it facilitates TDD.
- Setting up the Environment: Guided setup for Django and other necessary tools to hit the ground running.

II. Laying the Foundation: Writing Your First Test (30 minutes)
- Django Testing Tools: An overview of Django's built-in testing tools and their capabilities.
Basic Testing Principles: Writing your first test case, understanding assertions, and the Red-Green-Refactor cycle.
- Running Tests: Executing your test suite and understanding the feedback it provides.

III. Testing Models and Views (15 minutes)
- Testing Django Models: Strategies for testing Django models, including data integrity and model methods.
- Testing Views: Effective methods to test your views, ensuring correct responses and status codes.
Code Refactoring: Practical tips on refilling your code while maintaining a green test suite.

IV. Dive into Factory-Boy (30 minutes)
- Introduction to Factory-Boy: Why and when to use Factory-Boy in your tests.
- Factories for Models: Creating factories for your models to streamline the setup of your test data.
- Leveraging Factory-Boy: Tips and tricks to make the most out of Factory-Boy for more maintainable tests.

V. Advanced Testing: RESTful APIs with Parameterized Tests (45 minutes)
- Testing REST APIs: Techniques for testing your Django REST framework APIs.
- Parameterized Testing: Using the parameterized library to write DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) tests and maximize test coverage.
- Mocking External Services: How to mock external services for more reliable API testing.

VI. Real-world Application & Best Practices (15 minutes)
- TDD Workflow: Integrating TDD into your daily workflow.
- TDD Best Practices: Practical advice and common pitfalls to avoid for effective TDD.

VII. Q&A and Closing Remarks. (15 minutes)

Writing tests first and then the code that passes the tests are the basis of Test Driven Development. I will show how we can approach development in Django with TDD in this workshop.

Kuldeep Pisda

Founder PeekLink, Cofounder and CTO CognifAI

Bengaluru, India


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