Documentation Speeding Dating (Commonly Known as "Training")

Is your documentation languishing, alone and unloved in a wiki somewhere? Are your users spending all their time swiping right over at Stack Overflow? What if there was a way you could introduce your users to your docs in a structured yet friendly way and just… see what happens? It’s a tricky problem, but training could be the answer.

Of course, it’s possible that there is already a training program in place to support your users, but how closely are your trainers connected to your documentarians? When the people who create and deliver the training aren’t connected to the people who write the documentation, there are a number of possible problems that can result, such as the eventual existence of two sets of user support documentation, confused users, inconsistent support, and training programs that don’t keep pace with the current versions of your software, among others.

Just like your users and your docs, your docs and your training program have the potential to be an excellent partnership. Although these functions are often separated, especially in larger organizations, there are significant benefits to bringing them closer together. This talk explores the those benefits, including improvements to your documentation and training strategies, improved and user-tested docs, fewer documentation gaps, and better relationships with users.

Kenzie Woodbridge

Let's Make Things Better

Vancouver, Canada

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