Four Focus Points In A New DBA Role

You’re a newly minted Database Administrator. You’ve landed your first DBA role or maybe you’re the new lone DBA at a company. Either way, you’re walking into the role a bit unaware of your environment. Where do you start from a technical standpoint? What should you focus on? What tasks should have your attention?

In this presentation you will learn the four areas that you should focus on first in your new role. You will be given specific steps you should take in those four areas so that you make a good impression as a competent professional who can be trusted. Not only will this help you achieve a sense of control and order to your environment, but it will help you build relationships with your fellow employees.

First delivered to the DBAVUG Meetup, which is a virtual SQL Server Meetup based in Boston.

Lee Markum

Lead Database Administrator, SQL Server

Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, United States


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