Modern SQL Server Features That Make Life Better

Staying ahead in the realm of database administration requires a keen understanding of modern SQL Server features that can enhance performance, scalability, and efficiency.

This presentation delves into some of the latest advancements within SQL Server, including SQL Server 2022, offering database administrators and Developers insights into key features and functionalities that can revolutionize their approach to data management and performance.

Database Administrators will be introduced to the power of intelligent query processing, Query Store, and how these are deeply integrated into SQL Server 2022 to make troubleshooting queries and improving performance easier than ever. For example, we’ll learn how memory grant feedback and DOP Feedback work in SQL Server 2022 to enhance performance.

Developers will be excited about modern features such as verbose truncation warnings, updates in T-SQL that allow you to write less code, and how temporal tables can help answer the problem of how to fix data after a disastrous, unintended change to a table.

Lee Markum

Lead Database Administrator, SQL Server

Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, United States


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