A Viva day in the life on Teams!

I start the day with breakfast and my Viva briefing email which I read on my mobile, pulling outstanding tasks and meetings from Outlook. Get dressed and move to Teams on my desktop and join a brainstorm Teams meeting. I had a bad night’s sleep so instead of switching on my camera share my Mesh animated avatar. I then pivot across the day catching up on news on Viva Connections from my mobile, take a 20 minute training course on Viva Learning, and check up on my objectives in I end the day reflecting on my mood in Personal Insights

Join this session to discover more about my super productive day with the satisfaction I am working smarter not harder on Teams with Viva; and my digital well-being is in great shape - and so can yours by following some of these life hacks!

Lesley Crook

MVP Cloud Consultant ~ Viva Visionary!

Brighton, United Kingdom


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