Viva Visionary insights and more!

MVP Presenters: Lesley Crook & Sara Fennah

The vision of Microsoft Viva is to enhance the employee experience, nurturing a culture of digital wellbeing whilst improving productivity. As the tools evolve over time the vision and the reality can drift apart, especially if you are waiting for that perfect feature.

This session will help you discover how Viva helps your business deliver personalised experiences with empathy to your employees now, taking a checkpoint on what is now a reality and what is still visionary. Using real life adoption stories to illustrate the challenge we face these days and what leaders can do about it.

We'll look at current toolset and the Viva vision for the future combines news, tasks, and conversations; provides data-driven insights and recommendations; organises content and expertise; and delivers formal and informal learning when and where it’s needed using:

.Culture & employee engagement with Viva Connections
.Productivity & digital wellbeing with Viva Insights
.Knowledge & expertise with Viva Topics
.Up-skilling & personal development with Viva Learning
.Objectives & Key Results with (the 5th module expected H4 ’22)

Lesley Crook

MVP Cloud Consultant ~ Viva Visionary!

Brighton, United Kingdom


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