Doing Kubernetes DevOps style with Codespaces

This training introduces you to Docker and container technology for DevOps teams. We will show you how to apply DevOps practices to cloud-based container solutions, complete with hands-on exercises using Kubernetes. The training uses Microsoft tooling and technology, but you can apply the skills you will learn in any technology stack.

This workshop contains hands-on labs to help you gain practical experience with the following topics:
- Getting started with containers and Docker
- Working with Kubernetes
- Canary releases and A/B testing using Istio service mesh
- Becoming familiar with GitHub Codespaces during the Labs

- Get hands-on experience supporting DevOps practices with available tools.
- Understand the implications for DevOps teams to build, deploy and run container-based solutions in a cloud environment.
- Practice finding and fixing bugs without downtime.

Target audience:
This training is intended for developers and architects that want to learn about DevOps practices and tooling for a cloud-based Kubernetes solution.

This workshop is divided in two parts with separate labs and allows you to start at any point given your experience. The first part introduces you to container technology and tooling with .NET Core. The second part covers container clusters and service meshes using Kubernetes and Istio. Throughout the workshop you will gradually improve your DevOps skills for container based solutions.

All courseware is on Github, so you can both prepare for the workshop ahead of time and finish the workshop from home if you are unable to finish the labs during the workshop.
Labs can be executed your laptop, but we prefer using GitHub Codespaces. When using Codespaces, you will only need to bring a modern browser in order to perform the Labs. We will provide you with proper access during the workshop.

Loek Duys

Cloud Architect & CTO @ Xpirit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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