Running a real world, mission-critical system on Azure

Deploying a single container to the Azure cloud is easy; running a mission-critical system is not. To run your ever-changing software reliably, you’ll need to think ahead about a range of things. For example, controlled deployment and testing of not only software but infrastructure as well. How can you use redundancy and cut dependencies to make both infrastructure and software resilient to failure? What do you do to monitor system health?

In this talk 'from-the-trenches', I'll show you what you need to know, using Docker, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure SQL, useful design patterns, and more. I'll explain how we chose to do it, what went wrong and how we fixed it.

Target audience: Cloud software developers, architects.
Featuring a real project, real mistakes and a nice story.

Loek Duys

Cloud Architect & CTO @ Xpirit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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