Applying Systems Thinking in Teams

This workshop goes beyond the definitions of Systems Thinking, to look at how we can apply the concepts in our teams, on projects, and across organizations.

Systems Thinking offers us the hope that we can look at our problems through a systems lens, and fix the systems that cause and perpetuate our problems rather than blaming the people who suffer under the systems. As W. Edwards Deming said "a bad system will beat a good person every time".

We'll work through case studies together, and share experiences. We'll explore techniques to help the attendees focus their system lenses, and see what lies under the surface of various team dysfunctions. There will be space to discuss questions and share ideas in this very interactive session.

Lorraine Steyn

Simplifier-in-chief - driven to find better ways of producing code, and then teaching the next generation of developers all our hard-won lessons!

Cape Town, South Africa

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