The advantages of Pairing

This talk covers how to Pair Program, what benefits you can expect from adopting this as a 100% committed activity, and what you'll need to overcome.

I've always been a fan of the XP practices of Pairing and TDD, but recently I’ve moved from intellectually believing that pairing was a good idea, to a deep connection with the behaviour it encourages and the outcomes that it produces.

Working as a pair encourages micro design, method by method, test by test. Do we really need that public variable, how can we better encapsulate that concept, is this piece of code not similar to the piece written yesterday? You share knowledge, experience and thinking to produce code that's an order of magnitude better than working solo. Big win!

A conversational explanation of the topic from a developer's point of view is covered in my blog:

Lorraine Steyn

Simplifier-in-chief - driven to find better ways of producing code, and then teaching the next generation of developers all our hard-won lessons!

Cape Town, South Africa

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