White labelling with Jetpack Compose

Whitelabelling an Android app is not easy. Your skeleton should be easily and quickly customisable to align with your client(s) needs.
Jetpack compose introduced a new way of defining our UI. We don't have classes anymore, we can't rely on inheritance anymore, so we can't have customisation based on child classes.
Jetpack compose also introduced a new way to inject things in UI (`Local[AAA].current`).
I'll show how you can create a specific product for a specific client in no time thanks to a specific system allowing you to inject customisation(s) in Jetpack Compose.

White labelling has never been so easy thanks to Jetpack Compose. No technical requirement, apart from a base knowledge of Jetpack Compose. Target audience: everyone interested in customisation of products built with Jetpack Compose UI. Preferred duration: 40 minutes.

Luca Nicoletti

Android Engineer @Sitka

Liverpool, United Kingdom


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