Luis Beltran

Information & Communications Technology

Azure Mobile Development Enterprise Architecture

Zlín, Czechia

AI enrichment with Azure Cognitive Search

AI enrichment is a capability of Azure Cognitive Search indexing that is used to extract latent information from images, blobs, and other unstructured, non-text data sources - enriching the content to make it more searchable in an index or knowledge store.

Both extraction and enrichment tasks are implemented through cognitive skills such as natural language processing and image processing skills with several possibilities: Entity recognition, language detection, sentiment detection, OCR, face detection...

In this session, the Azure Cognitive Search service will be explored and described. Then, an enrichment pipeline capable of extracting information from PDF documents will be built in order to demonstrate a use case scenario, along with requirements, costs, related Azure services and a website/mobile app that allows users to look for information from the PDF files.

Luis Beltran

Microsoft MVP

I'm a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and AI. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering Informatics at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic.

I've been developing .NET apps for +10 years. I find C# a really powerful language which allow us to create different kinds of software. I focus on mobile apps (Xamarin), cloud computing (Azure) and AI.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

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