Deploying local bots with Bot Framework and LUIS Docker containers

Bot Framework allows developers to seamlessly build conversational bots which can later be published to services such as Slack, Skype, Messenger and more! However, there might be particular cases in which bots need to be deployed as local services (e.g. Intranets, data compliance, limited external-networks access) and also use language understanding capabilities.

Enter Docker containers. Certain Azure Cognitive Services can now be deployed as containers to deliver AI-driven solutions which doesn't send the data to an external network but to an internal server. One of these services is LUIS, which provides query predictions and whose packages can be integrated in the server for local consumption.

In this session, the following scenario will be explored: A cross-platform mobile app which establishes a connection to a bot (which was created by using Bot Framework and which uses a LUIS package produced from utterances and examples) that is used by customers who want to obtain products and services information. Data comes from a local SQL Server database.

Luis Beltran

Microsoft MVP

Zlín, Czechia

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