Luis Beltran

Information & Communications Technology

Azure Mobile Development Enterprise Architecture

Zlín, Czechia

Let's play Rock, Paper, Scissors with ML.NET!

Image classification refers to the task of assigning a label to an image. You can use ML.NET's powerful API to learn features from labeled images and then train a model that recognizes if an image contains any of the target classes.

Let's demonstrate how to perform image classification with ML.NET and then have some fun by incorporating the output model in a Rock, Paper, Scissors game where players use hand signals in front of a camera. The application takes the photo, sends it to the model, and returns the tag, which is in turn sent back to the application to determine the result.

Luis Beltran

Microsoft MVP

I'm a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and AI. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering Informatics at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic.

I've been developing .NET apps for +10 years. I find C# a really powerful language which allow us to create different kinds of software. I focus on mobile apps (Xamarin), cloud computing (Azure) and AI.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

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