Joe Mack

Information & Communications Technology

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Modern Release Patterns and Practices - Driving Toward DevOps Excellence

If you ask five people, "What is DevOps?", you will often get five different answers, even if those people are all on the same team! This talk will answer that question, in the words of a bona fide DevOps Transformation Coach, dispel a few misconceptions about DevOps, and present a step-by-step approach for a DevOps transformation for a fictional company.

We will highlight common business drivers, pain points, planning a transformational DevOps journey, and using the latest patterns and practices to achieve operational excellence.

Joe Mack

Transformation Coach - Leadership, Cloud and DevOps

Joe Mack is an enterprise technology transformation coach and architect focused on Cloud and DevOps transformations. He has led 50+ organizations and teams, ranging in size from 5 to over 150, in both military and civilian organizations, in peacetime and forward-deployed scenarios. His favorite thing to do at work is build and lead technical teams to victory.

Joe has planned, architected, led and implemented transformational technology projects for small companies and household names alike. His expertise in leadership and multiple technical disciplines, coupled with his willingness to share his stories, has made him a speaker at conferences, private corporate events, and more informal settings like user groups and Meetups.

Joe spends his free time as a chauffeur for his kids, chef for his dogs, playing/watching sports, and expanding his technical knowledge.

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