Martin Anderson-Clutz

London, Ontario, Canada

Configuration Kits: Reusable Site Building Patterns

With a renewed focus on site builders, Drupal has an opportunity to enable these critical users to quickly build out even complex functionality: an events calendar, a locations map, and more. By leveraging the power of configuration management built into modern versions of Drupal, configuration kits empower site builders, and provide a "known good" baseline that can help maintainers when troubleshooting. In this session we'll perform a live install a number of configuration kits, to show the transformation of a fresh Drupal install into a robust site with sophisticated content management capabilities. In addition to the benefits to site builders, we'll discuss how this approach can make life module developers, as well as how simple it can be to create your own.

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Martin Anderson-Clutz

Solutions Engineer at Acquia

Martin started his Drupal journey in 2005, with version 4.6. Since then, his passion the community has been shown in his frequent participation at Drupal user groups, local Drupalcamps, and Drupalcons, often as a speaker. He was with Digital Echidna (now Northern) from 2015-2021, and recently joined Acquia as a Solutions Engineer. He also maintains a number of contrib modules, including Smart Date, Search Overrides, and a few others. (Facebook) (Instagram) (blog) (company)

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