Naturally, getting productive with Grakn and Graql!

Over the period of so many weeks and month I have learnt lots about Graknlabs. The two core components I have been learning about Grakn and Graql. In this two-part talk, we can get productive and save compute and human-resources when using Grakn and Graql with added batteries. This is only possible due to the design and technical decisions made by the team which takes advantage of the current and future advancements made on the JVM i.e. GraalVM.

In the latter half, we will see how we can use and speak Graql just like we would be speaking to another human. We will explore English-to-Graql and vice-versa, basically using natural language to communicate with this novel graph engine called Grakn (this all started from a meetup and a few Github issues)! Time permitted we could explore both English-to-Graql and Graql-to-English.

Mani Sarkar

Self-employed, Freelance Software, Data/ML Engineer

London, United Kingdom

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