Crafting better UI, thinking of the DOM as an API

Often arriving on projects in "firefighter" mode, I acquired reflexes when it comes to quickly correcting or completing the integration of web applications.

But how to maintain these good practices once the fire is out? How to improve the code without breaking the UI? How to start the integration of a new application?

Our UIs are used by humans as well as screen readers, testing tools and robots... so we need to think of the DOM as an API, and not just reproduce a mockup.
Around this axis, I offer you some tools and collaborative workshops ideas to develop testable, modular and accessible interfaces. And why not a Design System?

You will leave with a new vision of all that is web integration, practices and some tools to use tomorrow to improve the daily life of your project.

Software Craft - Integration web - Linters - Tests
Hosted at: AlpesCraft 2023, Who Run The Tech 2023, Packmind webinar 2023

Manon Carbonnel

Web developer & integrator

Rennes, France


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