End-to-end tests and selectors

How can best practices in web integration and tests complement each other to help us validate the quality of our applications?

Starting from the obstacles to the effective writing of optimal tests:
“UX journeys are varied”
"Everything seems important to test"
"The DOM often changes with the arrival of new evolutions"

I suggest that we identify, together, how to target our efforts to ensure software quality with end-to-end tests.

We will see a set of concepts and tools at our disposal: whether in web integration (HTML / CSS) or when writing tests with the choice of library and selectors.

We will end with a demo of some of Microsoft Playwright's key features for fast and efficient end-to-end test writing.

End-to-end testing - Playwright - HTML - CSS

Manon Carbonnel

Web developer & integrator

Rennes, France


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