HTML and CSS: Algorithms? A kata? Wait what ?

You are a dev and may be familiar with FizzBuzz, a programming exercise with which we often discover katas.

Inspired by the work of Lara Schenck, I suggest we do this kata in HTML and CSS without JS, together, and in TDD using Playwright. I found two solutions to this kata, which changed the way I think about web integration and algorithms applied to code. Maybe we'll find a new one together?

Finally, I would like to explore with you the subject of what a "real" programming language is and restore the image of CSS, the source of so much suffering but yet so stylish. We will therefore discuss software Craft in web integration.

HTML - CSS - tests - kata - Playwright
Hosted at: Software Crafters Luxembourg 2023

Manon Carbonnel

Web developer & integrator

Rennes, France


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