How to deal with complex workflows in serverless applications

Running one or two serverless functions is easy. But what if you're rebuilding a complex workflow based on serverless that requires dozens of functions. How do you design and manage that?

In this session, I'll cover building complex long-running workflows using Azure Durable Functions, an extension to Azure Functions that lets your define workflows in code. Durable Functions allow you to:

- Easily chain functions together,
- Perform fan-out/fan-in scenarios,
- Wait for external events,
- Use built-in support for retry policies to achieve a resilient architecture.

I'll cover some advanced scenarios how to use multiple orchestrations, either in one function app, or across multiple function apps. By the end of this session you know how to keep your complex serverless workflows under control!

Marc Duiker

I ♥ Serverless, Dev Communities, & Creative Coding

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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