Cloud aspirations: building cloud-native applications with .NET Aspire

In this workshop we will look at how you can build scalable, robust and observable cloud-native solutions built with .NET 8 and 9 using .NET Aspire. Microsoft has introduced .NET Aspire as an opinionated cloud-ready stack to create distributed application. It addresses cloud-native concerns such as observability, discoverability and composition.
We will start by examining typical distributed applications and their common architecture styles in the cloud, leveraging PaaS services from cloud providers with their resilience and scalability characteristics.
After this overview we will introduce the common concerns for distributed applications, such as observability, service discovery and configuration, and how .NET Aspire can help. You will see how you can build your applications with .NET Aspire, by making proper use of the orchestration, components and tooling it offers. We are also covering the .NET Aspire service discovery and connection management, discover the programming model and the developer workflow.
In the hands-on labs you will experience and practice this yourself. You will enhance an existing application by composing it using the .NET Aspire primitives of projects, containers and cloud resources. With guided exercises you can explore how your application changes with .NET Aspire, the way of working as a developer and DevOps engineer.
Finally, we are going to dive into the inner workings of .NET Aspire and see what happens under the covers during development and in production.
Whether you are maintaining an existing application on premise or are building brand new applications, this workshop will help you understand what .NET aspire can bring to you and how you can apply it in your application context.

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services

Zutphen, The Netherlands


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