CodeToCloud with GitHub and Azure DevOps Hands-on Workshop

This workshop focuses on the Code to Cloud journey. The journey includes the integration with Azure Boards, working with GitHub Codespaces, the GitHub Flow, and the GitHub Container Registry. Students will learn to use docker and docker-compose and deploy their solution to an Azure Web App using GitHub Actions, and Azure DevOps pipelines.
To make it challenging for the students, the workshop contains challenges that can also be done individually. To make sure students do not get stuck, there are scripts available with instructions to "automatically" fix a challenge, so students can continue. The workshop also contains extensive Step-By-Step videos and written instructions. There are also videos that explain the concepts that are used in the exercises.

We will cover the following modules:
Module 1: improving the Developer Workflow
Learning Objectives
In this module your students will learn to:
• Create a backlog of work with Azure Boards and relate that to your code
• Use Docker to containerize your code, to enable a consistent environment
• Use the GitHub workflow to work together on the same codebase
• Use Pull Requests to improve the quality of your code
• Set up a Continuous Integration build to quickly get feedback
• Use GitHub Security scanning tools to shift left security issues
• Use Docker Compose to create an environment that consists of multiple components

Module 2 - Moving to the Cloud
Learning Objectives
In this module your students will learn to:
• Use Infrastructure as Code to set up idempotent infrastructure in the cloud
• Set up a resource group in Azure and assign permissions
• Set up a CosmosDB via automation scripts
• Set up an Azure Web App that runs a multi-container application via automation scripts
• Set up a pipeline that deploys the infrastructure on demand

Module 3 - Closing the Feedback Loop
Learning Objectives
In this module your students will learn to:
• Implement Application Insights in the application
• Monitor the containers and the platform
• Implement Continuous Delivery in GitHub Actions
• Set up a CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps to automatically deploy containers
• Set up a manual and automatic approval gate in the release pipeline, to control the release of new versions

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services

Zutphen, The Netherlands


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