Hands-On Lab: Code to Cloud with GitHub

Join us for a full-day hands-on workshop exploring the exciting world of GitHub and Azure.

This day will cover DevOps Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, and Platform Engineering. During this day, we will mix a lot of hands-on with the practical, theoretical background and real-life anecdotes we encounter as consultants every day when empowering DevOps teams.

In Module 1, participants will learn how to ensure a fast first-time commit by introducing themselves through a markdown file in their own GitHub repo. They will also experience the automation process that generates prerequisites for each attendee, including a GitHub Pages website, Azure resource group, web apps, an app service plan, and a repository with issues.

Module 2 focuses on getting up to speed with legacy code using CodeSpaces and Co-Pilot. Participants will familiarize themselves with a provided microservices e-commerce website and set up their IDEs to make changes to the code.

In Module 3, we dive into fearless refactoring, discussing the benefits of breaking up applications into a microservices architecture. Participants will build two features with the help of Co-Pilot and run the application locally in their CodeSpaces.

Module 4 delves into securing legacy code, covering secure development practices and introducing GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS). Participants will learn how to visualize, stop leaks, and fix vulnerabilities using branch protection, secret protection, CodeQL, and automated workflows.

In Module 5, we take the application to the cloud and beyond. Participants will deploy the application to an Azure resource group, incorporating OpenID Connect, secrets in GitHub Actions and creating a continuous deployment workflow. We will also explore observability, load testing, and deployment strategies for zero-downtime deployments.

Join us for this immersive workshop to enhance your coding skills and learn how to integrate GitHub and Azure for efficient code-to-cloud workflows seamlessly.

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services

Zutphen, The Netherlands


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