The Future of IT

What is the future of IT? That is a fascinating question to ask
but extremely hard to answer. Confucius said: “you need to
study the past to define the future.” So let's ask ourselves the
question first: what has changed our industry in the past
decades? To make it not too complex, let us take some historical events that changed our society in ways we would never have expected. If you look at more recent waves of change, how did we deal with the rise of the mobile phone or the cloud? Marc Andreessen described in his article in The Wall Street Journal in 2011: “Software is eating the world”. How do these things impact us in our daily lives? By looking at all these changes and how we dealt with them, we might be able to see what is ahead of us. We need to look at human behavior and organizational behavior, and from there, we can look ahead to what the new wave of AI might bring us. I will share with you the patterns you can see when a new change surfaces and how we adopt this in our way of work. One thing will become clear: the future is nearer to your heart than you think.

This is an inspirational session to guide you through the waves of change in our industry and help you think beyond what you hear and see on all the information channels you tap into every day!

Marcel de Vries

Global MD & CTO Xebia Microsoft Services

Zutphen, The Netherlands


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