Overcoming the Fear: Exploring Microsoft Fabric from a Power BI Angle

Discover the potential of Microsoft Fabric as it connects Power BI and Data Engineering, merging these domains into a unified landscape. This groundbreaking development may ignite your curiosity to explore new frontiers, even though the unfamiliar elements and tasks might seem daunting. Are you unsure about learning new skills such as Python, data integration pipelines, and Spark notebooks? Perhaps the thought of these technologies and coding languages is a bit intimidating because you've never used them before?

If you find yourself nodding along, then this session is perfect for you! Join us as we explore Microsoft Fabric from a Power BI perspective. We'll dive into the familiar components we already love, discussing the complete process from ingesting data to serving it to your end users. And the best part? Together, we'll build a solution using the full capabilities of Microsoft Fabric.

By the end of this session, you'll feel confident and ready to create your own solutions with Microsoft Fabric. It opens up exciting possibilities to expand your skills and venture into the fascinating world of data from various angles.

Discover the potential of Microsoft Fabric, bridging Power BI and Data Engineering for a unified landscape. Overcome initial apprehension about new technologies and coding languages, as this session provides a beginner-friendly exploration. From data ingestion to serving end users, we'll navigate familiar components and build a solution together, unlocking exciting possibilities and boosting your confidence in Microsoft Fabric.

Marc Lelijveld

Data Platform MVP | Technical Evangelist | Solution Architect Data Solutions & Insights

Haastrecht, The Netherlands


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