Professionalizing your solution using Power BI Project Files and Git integration

Are you still storing and deploying your Power BI solutions as a whole in a binary, just in a pbix file? We all have to admit that we have that solution called "Power BI Solution v2_final.pbix and after that we create the final-final or the real-final version.

You might have a hard time checking which changes were made when, by whom if you work with multiple developers on the same solution and not even talking about your versioning strategy?

During this session we will deep dive into the new Power BI Project Files and how they can help you bringing your solutions to another level! We will explore the new meta data structure, how you can use different tools to develop your solution. All the way from text editors to Power BI Desktop, the Power BI Service and back! Also, we will deep-dive into properly versioning and deploying your solutions by taking full advantage of the workspace Git integration.

After this session you will be able to:
- Use and explain the advantage of Power BI Project Files
- Adjust your solution in the tool of your choice
- Setting up workspace Git integration
- Co-developing solutions with multiple people
- Restoring older versions of your solution

Marc Lelijveld

Data Platform MVP | Technical Evangelist | Solution Architect Data Solutions & Insights

Haastrecht, The Netherlands


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