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Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

Teams etiquette: the unwritten rules of handling Teams in an organisation

Teams has been released over a year now. A lot of companies have been introducing this awesome app to their users. But with great power comes great responsibility, and unleashing teams can become messy pretty quick. This new "swiss army knife" combines so many features and apps, introducing a new interface and possibilities.

How do we deal with introducing this new app to our users? How do we handle the change? How can we make sure it is being used to its full potential? What are the new rules of engagement and how do we make it a nice to use environment for our organisation?

Come to this session to learn all about it!

Marijn Somers

MVP, Owner @mijn365coach, Podcast hero #Office365Distilled

Marijn is an Office365 specialist and Microsoft MVP who has over 12 years experience implementing the full value of information worker solutions in any organization, large and small. He loves to share his experiences as a speaker on international events and blogger.

In 2016 he launched “Mijn 365 Coach”, a portfolio of video products helping end users onboard with and on top of the quick moving world of Office 365. He does consultancy via Balestra and has a podcast called #Office365Distilled

Speaker for +8 years at various events. Microsoft MVP (2019-2020)

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