Building an End-to-end Solution in Microsoft Fabric: From Dataverse to Power BI

Microsoft Fabric is the newest and coolest kid in town and for good reasons. It brings together the best features from Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, making it easier than ever to build analytical solutions. Join us as we walk through how to build an end-to-end lakehouse solution in just one hour!

In this session, we will show you how to use Synapse Link to get near real-time data from Dataverse and leverage the power of Notebooks to prepare and optimize the data for the lakehouse medallion architecture. Then, we will use that data to build stunning visualizations in Power BI that provide valuable insights. Finally, we will introduce the new Data Activator tool, an innovative component of Microsoft Fabric that empowers business analysts to drive actions based on data automatically.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience Microsoft Fabric's game-changing potential firsthand and learn how it can revolutionize your analytics workflow.

Marthe Moengen

Microsoft Data Platform MVP | Managing Data Analyst at Sopra Steria

Oslo, Norway

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