How do you set up your Data Governance in Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric is here to change your world - but will it make Data Governance any easier? Will you as a Data Governance Manager be able to ensure that data remains a strategic asset within the organization? Or as a Data Engineer or Analyst, are you curious if Fabric will help you build trusted data assets?

Let's see how Microsoft Fabric affects your data governance framework, how we can enforce data privacy regulations, and oversee metadata management to drive responsible and ethical data practices. What are domains in Fabric, and how can you use these? What about Purview? How do we balance data access controls and democratizing data insights while maintaining regulatory compliance and safeguarding sensitive information with Microsoft Fabric? Let's embark on this journey with Microsoft Fabric, and see how it fits in the world of Data Governance.

Marthe Moengen

Microsoft Data Platform MVP | Managing Data Analyst at Sopra Steria

Oslo, Norway

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