The Future of Data Analytics: Adapting to the Shifting Technology Landscape

In May, Microsoft unleashed a game-changing force upon the analytics world with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric. This groundbreaking technology has been hailed as a paradigm shift, completely transforming the landscape of data-driven analytics. Are you ready to embark on this revolution?

Join me in this transformative session as we dive deep into the disruptive power of Microsoft Fabric and explore how it revolutionizes how we approach analytics. What are the key features and capabilities that make Fabric a catalyst for change in the technology landscape? Why is this so revolutionary? And what characterizes disruptive technology? When should you jump on the wave and take action, and when should you not?

Moreover, we'll address the pressing question of how to ensure preparedness in the face of these revolutions. Keeping up with the rapidly changing technology landscape can take time and effort. We will share strategies and insights on how to navigate this new era effectively. Discover how to streamline adoption, maximize benefits, and make the journey smoother for your organization.

Marthe Moengen

Microsoft Data Platform MVP | Managing Data Analyst at Sopra Steria

Oslo, Norway

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