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In this hands-on workshop we use Storystorming to tell each other customer and user stories for a multi-faceted business idea, visually record these stories, and condense them into an information-rich backbone for a user story map. We will enrich our maps with details and develop them into a minimum viable product.

Storystorming is a young and lightweight mash-up of ideas coming from Event Storming, Domain Storytelling, User Story Mapping and Impact Mapping. Together with my clients I use it to gain strategic overviews of project and business ideas, as well as to explore and understand customer and user journeys, work procedures and whole business processes. With its simple configurations of sticky notes Storystorming leverages the fundamental structures of language and enables domain experts to tell their stories themselves, in the most natural way, and without requiring them to learn anything more but a few different colors. (see

Martin Schimak

Modeling #DDDesign Collaboration

At the age of ten Martin fell in love with coding. Later he left his love and studied business and law. Only to find out: that’s awesome for programming business software! In the 15+ years since then he talked to energy traders, telecom people, wind tunnel experts and many others. They formed a hands-on domain decoder with a passion for DDD and a soft spot for colored sticky notes. Martin is a trainer with experience in 50+ companies and 10+ countries. He regularly speaks at meetups and conferences across Europe - and from time to time in the US.

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