Event-Driven Change Data Capture Pattern using Apache Pulsar

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a set of software design patterns used in databases or data repositories for determining, capturing and tracking the changes of data, so that actions can be taken accordingly based on the changed data. With Apache Pulsar’s unique capability in unifying enterprise messaging systems, we will take a look to see how we can leverage on Pulsar to apply the CDC pattern in a database, such as Cassandra, to track the changes that occur in the data. This talk will go into some details of how Apache Pulsar has the ability to help with the CDC pattern. We will demonstrate how to implement a Pulsar stream in Apache Cassandra using DataStax’s Astra Cloud platform, and build a data pipeline from Cassandra that would transfer the data to an output sink, such as AstraDB.

Mary Grygleski

Senior Developer Advocate, Java Champion, President of Chicago-JUG, Chapter Co-Lead of AICamp-Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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