Operational Benefits of the Event-Driven Cloud Native Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar has taken enterprise event-driven messaging and streaming system to a new height, unifying message streaming, queueing, mediation, and transformation all on the same platform. Best of all, Pulsar is capable of operating efficiently in cloud native environments, and has offloaded the developers from not having to worry as much about typical concerns such as scalability and resiliency. Apache Pulsar was born in the early 2010's at Yahoo when the company had to handle a massive amount of data in and out everyday with its global service reach. Eventually Yahoo donated the project in 2016 to the Apache Software Foundation, of which it became a top-level project in 2018. Since then we are seeing a steady growth of its adoption, because Pulsar was already designed in the beginning to address auto-scaling, geo-replication, and multi-tenancy concerns, in addition to its event-driven messaging, streaming, and transformation capabilities. This talk will introduce the audience to Apache Pulsar, and also demo its usage, plus having a use case of it being run in the Apache Cassandra cloud platform: the Astra Cloud by DataStax.

Mary Grygleski

Senior Developer Advocate, Java Champion, President of Chicago-JUG, Chapter Co-Lead of AICamp-Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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