Azure Data Studio: One (More) Studio to (Maybe) Rule Them All?

You may have heard of Azure Data Studio and thought "my databases are on-premises, that won't work for me" or "I don't use SQL Server in Azure, I can't have that" or "I'm a DBA and that's a development tool" or many variations of those - and if you took them to heart you'd be missing out on a great tool to work your data! Is it everything for everybody? It isn't, but from notebooks to data visualization to support for multiple operating systems, there is *some*thing here for nearly everybody. It's worth 60 minutes of your time to learn about how this tool may add to (or replace) your arsenal and how powerful and flexible it can be for you. Join me for a demo-heavy walkthrough of Azure Data Studio and what it can do for you if you work with data (and who doesn't these days?).

Matt Gordon

Senior Architect at Centric Consulting

Lexington, Kentucky, United States


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