The Data Talks Back: Speech & Language AI for the Data Professional

AI is, was, and will be a part of our world for a long time to come. The Speech and Language areas of Azure Cognitive Services provide powerful opportunities for data professionals to enable richer reporting, create chatbots to answer repetitive questions, or just bolster their resume for their next job. Even though my day-to-day job is a DBA/Data Architect, I've worked with these AI technologies for years to provide instant information to my employees, enable richer interactions on internal and external websites, and easily localize apps and documentation to local languages. Want to know more about AI and how it can help you? Attend this session. Want to know more about AI and how it can help you level up in your career? Attend this session. Want to know more about how much fun it is to play with Language and Speech in Cognitive Services? Attend this session. Let's kickoff your AI journey, wherever it leads, together!

Matt Gordon

Senior Architect at Centric Consulting

Lexington, Kentucky, United States


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