Matteo Pagani

Information & Communications Technology

Windows .NET C# XAML WPF

Como, Lombardy, Italy

Build future-proof .NET applications with Prism and MVVM

Did you ever start a project in a rush and then, at some point, it grew so much that it was impossible to evolve and maintain? Then this session is for you! Come and learn how Prism can simplify the development of complex and modular .NET applications, by making easier to adopt the MVVM pattern. And it runs on desktop, mobile... and even web!

Matteo Pagani

Windows App Consult Engineer @ Microsoft

Matteo is an engineer in the Windows AppConsult team in Microsoft. In his role, he supports developers and companies all around the world learning and adopting the latest development tools and technologies for Windows 10, like .NET Core, the Universal Windows Platform, WinUI and MSIX. He has a strong passion about client development, which he loves to share with other developers by writing articles, blog posts and books and by speaking at conferences all around the world. Before joining Microsoft, he has been a Microsoft MVP in the Windows Development category and a Nokia Developer Champion for almost 5 years.

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