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Glendale, Arizona, United States

Hold Up, Wait a Minute, Let Me Put Some Async In It

The introduction of async/await to C# has irrevocably changed how .NET developers created their applications. But what about older applications? How can they get the async goodness?

In this code-heavy session, we'll take a "older" .NET web app which has no asynchronous code and slowly refactor it into a modern async app. Along the way, there'll be discussions what practices we need to be aware of, such as "async all the way down". This session also demonstrates when async/await is NOT needed, as well as when it is.

Async/await is wonderful, but it's not a cure-all. Let's take an old app, put some async in it, and see how it all comes together.

Matthew Jones

Lead Software Developer - U-Haul

Matthew Jones is a programmer, a dad, a husband, a geek, a blogger, a speaker... lots of things. For the last 10+ years he's been working in business with the .NET framework, and dabbling in other technologies along the way. Currently he works for U-Haul international out of Phoenix, where he and his team build everything you can imagine related to moving. Oh, and he also writes a tech blog called Exception Not Found ( where he tries to be funny, useful, and insightful, and occasionally even manages it. Weird, right?

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