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Glendale, Arizona, United States

Making Design Patterns Fun with C# and Food!

Design Patterns are one of those things developers really should know, but often don't take the time to learn about. There's a simple reason: they're boring!

This dynamic, funny session take nine of the most popular design patterns from the seminal Gang of Four book and use food and jokes to make them interesting. From why Adapter can be used to find optimum cooking temperatures, to how Factory Method is perfectly suited for making sandwiches, to modeling a veggie stock market using the Observer pattern, this session takes design patterns and makes them fun again.

Plus, there'll be working code samples for each of the nine patterns, all hosted on GitHub so you can play with them as you like as soon as the session is over. Come to this session, and let's make design patterns fun again!

This session is targeted at beginner to intermediate developers, though even advanced developers will find something useful here.

Matthew Jones

Lead Software Developer - U-Haul

Matthew Jones is a programmer, a dad, a husband, a geek, a blogger, a speaker... lots of things. For the last 10+ years he's been working in business with the .NET framework, and dabbling in other technologies along the way. Currently he works for U-Haul international out of Phoenix, where he and his team build everything you can imagine related to moving. Oh, and he also writes a tech blog called Exception Not Found ( where he tries to be funny, useful, and insightful, and occasionally even manages it. Weird, right?

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