Matthew Jones

Information & Communications Technology

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Glendale, Arizona, United States

The Fundamental Laws of Software Development

There exists a set of fundamental adages, quotes, and philosophical "laws" which govern how software is developed in our modern age. They affect code, designs, life in general; yet many aren't aware they are working at all. This session will shine a light on what these laws are, who created them and why, as well as discussing how developers and other technology professionals can use them to their advantage.

Hear how The Legend of Zelda and a five-year-old clearly revealed the usefulness of pair programming; how land ownership in Italy gave rise to an astoundingly common ratio (and how this helps us fix bugs); even how designing a nuclear power plant can make everyone in the room suddenly become an expert on bike sheds.

Come with an open mind, stay for the stories, and you will learn something you can take back to your job with you!

Matthew Jones

Lead Software Developer - U-Haul

Matthew Jones is a programmer, a dad, a husband, a geek, a blogger, a speaker... lots of things. For the last 10+ years he's been working in business with the .NET framework, and dabbling in other technologies along the way. Currently he works for U-Haul international out of Phoenix, where he and his team build everything you can imagine related to moving. Oh, and he also writes a tech blog called Exception Not Found ( where he tries to be funny, useful, and insightful, and occasionally even manages it. Weird, right?

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