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Glendale, Arizona, United States

Time Management for the Distracted Developer

I am a distracted developer. I've had Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) my entire life. I've also been a programmer professionally for 10+ years and I've always been... was that a butterfly? It sure was pretty. I wonder what species it is? I should go find out... but I also needed to submit those change requests and oh wait here's that TODO list I misplaced yesterday, need to investigate that...

Wait, what was I doing again?

Programming being a mentally-intensive occupation, it's quite easy to get distracted and lose the focus that is so critical to good development. This session will cover a bunch of tips, trials, failures, and successes I've picked up during my career as a distracted developer, including different focus techniques, structures which can improve time-management skills and an overview of the various methods used to redirect distracted individuals and help them focus. If you find yourself easily distracted, even if you don't have a medical condition like I do, you'll find something to use in this session.

Distraction is the enemy. You can't beat it forever, but you can ward it off. This session will show you how.

Matthew Jones

Lead Software Developer - U-Haul

Matthew Jones is a programmer, a dad, a husband, a geek, a blogger, a speaker... lots of things. For the last 10+ years he's been working in business with the .NET framework, and dabbling in other technologies along the way. Currently he works for U-Haul international out of Phoenix, where he and his team build everything you can imagine related to moving. Oh, and he also writes a tech blog called Exception Not Found ( where he tries to be funny, useful, and insightful, and occasionally even manages it. Weird, right?

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