Adopting Microsoft Fabric for Managed Self-Service Analytics (pre-conference)

Successfully adopting business intelligence and analytics tools isn't always easy. Microsoft Fabric provides a broad range of features and capabilities for preparing, modeling, visualizing and sharing data, but the value an organization gets from Fabric is as much a function of people and processes as it is about tools and technology.

Microsoft has published the Power BI Adoption Roadmap as a collection of best practices for organizations seeking to get from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow, and to get more value from their data and their investment in Power BI and Fabric. The Adoption Roadmap is freely available to everyone... but not everyone may be ready to start their journey without a guide.

In this full-day pre-conference session, Matthew Roche of the Fabric Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft serves as that guide, providing an end-to-end tour of its guidance on topics including data governance, system oversight, content management and delivery, building a center of excellence and a community of practice... all with the end goal of helping YOUR organization get more value from your data by using Fabric in the best ways. One day isn't enough time to cover the entire roadmap in detail, so this workshop will focus on the most important topics where awareness and investment can make the biggest difference.

Every organization has a unique starting point, and it's not always easy to tell where you're starting from. Every organization has a unique destination, and a unique definition of success. So how do you get from here to there? Join Matthew for this highly-interactive day of learning, and get your journey started on the right path.

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

Syracuse, New York, United States

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