Building a Data Culture with Power BI

Succeeding with business intelligence involves technical skill and deep understanding of the business problems being solved. With traditional BI tools, delivering solutions typically requires collaboration between technical data professionals and business professionals. With modern self-service BI tools like Power BI, business professionals are empowered to produce more with less IT involvement, but success still requires efficient collaboration between business and IT. There is no one "right" or "best" way to deliver managed self-service capabilities, but there are common patterns and approaches that successful teams apply. Some companies have found the right balance - some are still struggling.

In this insight-packed session, Matthew Roche from the Power BI CAT team will present guidance on creating and maintaining a data culture, and establishing a successful center of excellence for delivering managed self-service business intelligence using Power BI. This guidance will be distilled from patterns and practices learned from engagements with over 150 global enterprise organizations that are using Power BI as their enterprise BI platform.

If you're struggling with challenges from self-service BI, if you're tasked with establishing a BI center of excellence and don't want to reinvent the wheel, if you want to help establish a sustainable data culture within your organization - or if you just want to a head start to understand the road ahead, join Matthew to learn from those who have gone down that road before you.

To get the greatest value from this session, attendees will have experience using BI tools to deliver large-scale solutions with significant user bases and business impact. Although attendees who are individual practitioners working with Power BI or other tools on smaller-scale projects will still find the guidance in this session valuable, much of the session content is targeted at attendees who have already felt the pain that a data culture and center of excellence can address.

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

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