Chainmail, Fabric of Metal

In the realm of Azureheim
Where data forgers reign
Arun met with Amir and Scott
With honor and courage
He got them to agree
To create one Fabric SaaS for the Metal Gods

What could be more Metal than Microsoft Fabric? Using Fabric to deliver Metal insights based on your personal listening history!

This demo-centric session is an end-to-end tour of Chainmail, a Fabric-based analytics solution that implements an earthshaking Metallion™️ lakehouse architecture. Chainmail incorporates listening data from Spotify and Plex media server, and showcases key Fabric capabilities used in a real-world context that every Brother of Metal and Sister of Steel will understand.

Chainmail - it's Fabric, forged from Metal. 🤘

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

Syracuse, New York, United States

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