Find A Way Or Make One

No matter what the odds I will never kneel
I trust in Data Gods and my heart of steel
So, send your best with wrath, you cannot block my path
Though your errors block the sun, I'll find a way or make one!

Sometimes your path to success is blocked with errors and complications, and it can seem like there's just no way to get from where you are to where you need to be. How can the weapon in your hand defeat the varied and complex foes that stand against you?

In this session we'll look at the broader range of data integration and transformation tools, starting with Power Query in datasets and dataflows, and moving on to pipelines and notebooks and more. By session's end you'll have a better understanding of how to pick the right weapon for each battle, and how to get started down the path to victory.

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

Syracuse, New York, United States

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