Introducing Microsoft Fabric

On May 23, 2023 Microsoft announced Microsoft Fabric, and the world of data changed forever. But what actually is Fabric, why should Microsoft data platform professionals care, what are the most important things for them to know, and how can they get started?

This session will answer all of these questions and more as Fabric CAT PM Matthew Roche boils down the most important topics into an exciting 60 minute presentation.

Matthew has been working on Fabric since its inception as Project "Trident" and his team has led the NDA private preview program involving thousands of users from nearly 200 customer organizations. He'll use this experience to move past the marketing and hype, and focus on the topics and concepts that are most valuable, and most likely to slow you down as you get started.

If you want to set up yourself and your career for success with Microsoft Fabric, this is the session for you!

This session is basically a 60-minute presentation version of this blog post:

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

Syracuse, New York, United States

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