M, M hast, M hast query

M hast
M hast query

Rammstein produces some of the best hard music out there. Everyone loves them for their music, but there's a problem: no one really knows more than one or two words of German, so everyone has to constantly look up the meaning of their lyrics on the internet.

This makes Rammstein exactly like Power Query.

Everyone loves Power Query for its powerful self-service data transformation capabilities, but no one really knows how the underlying language "M" works, so everyone has to look for help online any time they go beyond the basics.

In this session we won't learn any German, but we will learn the basics of the M functional language. If you're stuck in the designer and don't know where to get started in the advanced editor, this session will help you take your first steps to M fluency.

You've got some data
I've got a query
So what's the problem?
Let's learn stuff quick!

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

Syracuse, New York, United States

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