The Power BI Of Thy Sword BI

They say that Power BI is a two-edged sword. In this session we will put that sword in your hand, and send you off to glorious battle!

Self-service business intelligence is a powerful tool for solving common problems at scale, but it can also introduce new challenges as more users are empowered to work with more data. There is no one "right" or "best" way to deliver managed self-service capabilities, but there are common patterns and approaches that successful teams apply.

In this session, Matthew Roche from the Power BI CAT team will present patterns and practices learned from from conversations with over 250 global enterprise organizations. If you're already struggling with challenges from self-service BI, if you're tasked with establishing a BI center of excellence and don't want to reinvent the wheel, or if you just want to a head start to understand the road ahead, join Matthew to learn from those who have gone down that road before you.

Matthew Roche

Principal Data Warrior

Syracuse, New York, United States

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